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For primary/teens (7 to 12 and 13 to 16 years old)


Lessons taught in the Play 2 Resilience Programmes are experiential, fun and applicable in daily lives. Your children will learn theories and practical tips on resilience building.


Parents will join our sessions to support their children in this journey to take them through simple daily home practices to internalize what they have learned.


In the Emotional Maturity module, we teach your children how to identify, articulate and communicate their emotions effectively. They will discover meanings of their emotions, how to be curious and relate differently to negative emotions and impulses.


In the Socially Responsible module, we will teach your children how to be more accountable for their behaviours through consequential thinking and decision making process. To aid your children stay focused while studying, we will teach them how to handle unproductive (worrying) thoughts.


In the Adaptability module, we teach your children how to identify root causes of their stress and anxieties.  How they can actively seek support or take actions to manage those stresses. They will also learn how to be courageous when facing challenging situations in life. They will learn tools to stay optimistic and reframe any negativities that might hinder their growth.

From experience, all above are best achieved with parental engagement.  We invite you to be part of your children's resilience building journey by joining us in all our lessons. 

Programmes frameworks

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The Play 2 Resilience programmes ( 7 to 12 years old and 13 to 16 years old) are developed based on the following robust and time proven frameworks:

University of Oxford Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - MBCT         

Providing neuroscience-backed theories and tools to stay focused and learn coping strategies to handle stress and anxieties.  

Dot b Mindfulness In School Project (UK)  

Providing context and teaching                          methodology for students.

Emotional Intelligence

Covering competencies of:

  • Self-Awareness of the quality of our Thought/Feeling/Action. 

  • Self-Management of negative emotions, impulses,  decision making, accountability of our actions and improving self-esteem.


Positive Psychology 

Covering reframing, gratitude and other tools to deal with uncertainties and difficult situations with confidence. 


Programme Modules*
( 9 x 1 hour online,  weekly / bimonthly sessions,
class size: Max of 10 students)

Emotional Maturity 

1. Knowing emotions

2. Sensing emotions in your body

3. Attention training

4. Curious with emotions

Socially Responsible   

5. Cause & Effect thinking

6. Making sound decisions 

7. Anxieties/stress and efficiency


8. Befriending difficulties in life   

9.Practising Optimism

* contents are contextualized for primary and teen sessions

Programme validation


A prospective study of 21 first year students (17 years old) from a Polytechnic in Singapore was conducted from June to August 2016. These students took part in an 8 lessons of emotional intelligence and mindfulness programme called Resilience for Teens over a period of 2.5 months. Each session lasted between 1.5 to 2 hours. The data collected from this trial was analyzed by Dr Ong Seh Hong ( Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine) from Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital. 2 startling results stood out. Students are:

a) Better at managing their stress, peer pressure which leads to less anxiety.


b) Better at making decision because they can respond wisely to (challenging / stressful) situations instead of reacting to them.

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