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A 75 mins free webinar for parents to help uncover root causes of their children's stress and anxiety


Presented by

Daniel Yeo, PCC

International Coach Federation 
Professional Certified Coach 
Mentor - Asia Institute of Mentoring

Founder, Seed Of Lives


In this 75 min interactive webinar for parents, you will:

  • Find out the well researched concepts behind Play & Talk with LEGO.

  • Learn two useful mindsets in parenting.

  • Uncover possible root causes of your children's stress or behavioural issues.  

  • Get to hear success stories from parents in Singapore and China. 

  • Learn Language of Curiosity to engage your children.  

Play & Talk with LEGO 12 Mar 22.jpeg

Upcoming webinar dates

12 Mar Sat

8pm to 915pm

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