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Mother and Son


NO one taught us about parenting, we learn from observing how we were brought up by our parents and using trial and error method. The Conversational Parenting Programme (CPP) is a ten x one hour sessions (fortnightly) journey for parents to build emotional trust and closeness with your children. The sustainable positive outcome are numerous. They include:

  • Deeper conversations with your children. 

  • Happier children. 

  • Healthier parent-child relationship and more confident children.

Incidentally, one by-product of this programme, when put into practice is a child who is more willing to listen to you!

A ten-sessions journey from demanding compliance to
deep conversation & trust

The CPP is divided into four (non-sequential) modules,
Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness/Manage Impulses,
Compliance to Conversation and Conversational Tools.


The Enneagram Personality Profile is a powerful tool that allow us to understand why we feel, think and act in a particular manner. It uncover our unconscious behavioral patterns and blind-spots as parents. In the CPP, you will be introduced to the basic teachings of Enneagram and why you react to your child's behavior in a particular way.


The ability of parents to be self-aware of our negative emotions and manage them is key to a less emotional child. Learn from the best in class (University of Oxford mindfulness programme) how you can minimize triggering your child's emotion.


In the word of the late American family therapist, Virginia Satir. "There is no problem children". You will learn concepts behind the Virginia Satir Iceberg Conversational Model in deep diving into the feelings, thoughts, belief system and yearning of your child. Once the yearning of your child surfaces and when honored, many of the behavioral challenges you face will be resolved.

conversation tool.png

There are books and video demonstrations on how to use the Virginia Satir Iceberg Conversational Model. But most parents struggle to apply it in their conversations with their children. In the CPP, we help you bridge the gap between theories and practical application. You will be guided and taught executive coaching conversation skills on how to deep dive into the iceberg of your child by ICF Professional Certified Coach.

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